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1945 GPW Rock Island, IL Feb 18th Auction

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It’s got some non-stock parts.

“The Jeep includes the title and the restoration records dated August 3, 2016, as well as the book “The Military Jeep Complete* Willys MB Ford GPW: All Three Original TMs in Full” from Motorbooks Intl. The odometer lists the mileage as 79.7, likely miles driven after the restoration. A U.S. Army Signal Corps Motorola C-847/U control radio head unit and power supply with a telephone style microphone hand set is also included with the Jeep. Condition is very good in appearance with some small areas of light rust. Mechanically the vehicle runs. Manufacturer: None Model: None BBL: Stock: Gauge: Finish: Grips: Serial Number: Class: Other Condition”



2 Comments on “1945 GPW Rock Island, IL Feb 18th Auction

  1. Tom

    Its got some stock parts. They must have never read the books that comes with it. What a disgrace to auction this as a restored 45 GPW.

  2. Luis

    Agreed, and yet someone will buy it and present it as such. Don’t understand why people are so close to getting it finished correctly and yet don’t make the extra effort.

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