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1952 CJ-3A Troutdale, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9,500.

“1952 willys cj3a . Well I’ve owned a lot of flatfender jeeps but never one with orginal paint. So, what I have here is a jeep that another jeep guy up in Washington purchased about 5 yrs ago from so. Ca.
Totally restored the undercarriage everything is new, motor, trans, brakes, seals, u can eat off it. But did nothing with the orginal patina of body except detail. Has OD, orginal gauges etc….optional Harrison heater not installed. This jeep shows no signs of ever having a top, no footman loops on sides of wheelhouse for canvas rust of any kind except surface in bed, U can see signs of the orginal primer on the cowl and tailgate areas. And no holes for a newer snap besttop etc,,,,u always see overrestored cjs, and over modified, this is a keeper for someone….why I’m I selling , something else came available……color is called Caribbean blue.. there are about 15 miles on this jeep since resembled last fall….10k or real close offer.. no tire kickers, bull shi…..ers”

1952-cj3a-troutdale-or6 1952-cj3a-troutdale-or7 1952-cj3a-troutdale-or8 1952-cj3a-troutdale-or9


11 Comments on “1952 CJ-3A Troutdale, OR **SOLD**

  1. Mark S.

    Mike, what do you think the aluminum brackets on the rear were used for? They look like marine rope tie downs (halyards).

  2. Mike

    Mark. The college that bought it new used to haul sprinkler pipe around. There were hoops that went in the top bow holders and the pipes were lashed with rope to those.

  3. bill

    This jeep looks pretty clean. Wish I would have bought at 7000.00. I just do not see stock un modified jeeps anymore.

  4. CRAIG

    What a great example of a basically unaltered CJ-3A. Examples like this always encourage me to keep looking, I’ll have one someday!

  5. Brian

    I’m very interested in purchase. Is this still for sale? The Craig’s List listing per the provided link has expired. If available, could you provide contact info? Thanks!

  6. Gordon Greninger

    An original survivor American icon for only $7,000. AC Cobras rate massive ca$h and for what, a world championship under its belt? Legendary performance?
    Flat fender Jeeps are the first 4×4 of their kind, and the bench mark for every 4×4 built since. Dominated the terrain of every land mass known man. Beat Hitler and Tojo at the same time and won a world war.
    Makes an AC Cobras pedigree look weak in comparison.
    7,000 clams for the most famous American made vehicle EVER? No wonder this countrys so f- ed up.

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