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1943 MB Troutdale, OR $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/14/2017) It has sat for a few years.

“i have a willys jeep that starts and runs. carb is off at this time. been stored in the garage since i had it. i have the title for it. i have other parts that are for the willys or gpw that i will be selling separately. i will get better pictures in a few days. it has the original 4 cylinder in it with the T84 Transmission. i have drove it before but been sitting for the last few years.”

1942-mb-troutdale-or0 1942-mb-troutdale-or1 1942-mb-troutdale-or2 1942-mb-troutdale-or3 1942-mb-troutdale-or9


9 Comments on “1943 MB Troutdale, OR $4500

  1. Luis

    This could be a Marine jeep, it has the front tow hooks, although because of the rear crossmember removal the lifting rings are now gone, plus there appears to be some patches of Forest Green paint visible on the rear panel. The front grill also seems to have had a hole cut and patched under drivers side BO light where some USMC keeps had the muffler diverted horizontally in front of the grill. Better pictures are of course needed to confirm this.

  2. Luis

    I agree with Dan, it has the cut out on the floor for the generator drive, there are some other characteristics that are missing but the body could have been altered, of course the data plate info would clarify but they appear to be missing.

  3. Lew

    What is the leaf spring setup driver’s side front? Looks like two separate layers of springs with what may be a pivot mechanism on one?

  4. Joe in Mesa

    I’d really like someone to explain, mechanically, how the torque reaction spring works. I reinstalled both front drivers side springs on my ’42 GPW when I rebuilt it from the ground up… but I never attached that “dog bone” since A) I kept the extensive frame re-welding that is now in the way, and B) I cannot figure out what the dog bone does nor any specifics on how it attaches.
    NOW my GPW leans excessively down on the driver’s side (much more than the typical lean most MB/GPWs have). Is it because I didn’t install/connect the torque reaction spring and dog bone correctly? Or are my 75 yr old springs just tired and need to be re-paired (re-sprung?)?

  5. Brian

    The torque reaction spring was to keep the front axle from rolling when coming to a stop. This was to keep the front wheels from pulling to the side when braking hard. This problem was solved on the CJs by moving the steering bellcrank from the front axle to the frame. Probably time for some new springs Joe.

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