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It’s the Little Things

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No updates tonight other than this one.

We made it to Seattle a couple days ago. I made some more progress blasting some smaller parts yesterday. In order to blast the t-handle parking brake, I had to disassemble it. The last thing to remove was a screw/pin so I could remove the brake lever from its housing. I didn’t know whether to unscrew or press out the screw/pin, but as I examined iI felt pretty sure it should press out. Still, I thought it best to text a friend: Chris McKay.  He said he thought it was pressed out, too. So, I set out to remove the pin.

Here is what the brake looks like assembled.


Here’s the top of the pin:


This shows the back side. I had to line up the hole in the housing with the back of the pin:parking-brake-rusty3

I grabbed a small socket to catch the pin and an object that could press through the hole:parking-brake-rusty4

Here’s the setup within the vice:parking-brake-rusty5

Success! Pin removed:parking-brake-rusty6


And then blasted:parking-brake-rusty8


12 Comments on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, are you using media or sand?

    and 7th pic Jumble: DRAWN, ENTICE, and HICCUP!
    …who has ADD?

  2. Doug Duncan

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really like these little photo how-to items. Thanks, Dave.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Joe, I’m using coal slag.

    Those words made me laugh. I thought you were making fun of one of my sentences 🙂

    Doug, I’m hoping to do a variety of these as I rebuild Rusty. Sometimes I get so into what i’m doing that I forget to take photos 🙂

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