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Photo of Sylvia Porter in a Gala (?)

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Sylvia Porter was a financial guru of some renown in the 1960s. We think this might be an actual Gala from Las Brisas.

1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala1 1968-11-03-sylvia-porter-surrey-gala2


3 Comments on “Photo of Sylvia Porter in a Gala (?)

  1. Colin Peabody

    The Las Brisas Resort Jeeps(circa 1957-58) in Acapulco Mexico (pre Galas or Surreys) were done in pink and white, with half cabs like this one. Some had full striped tops and some had solid tops that covered over the hood of the Jeep. Some had extended bodies as well, depending on what the resort needed them to do. The colors were pink and white, not the two tone pink of the Galas and later Surreys. However, the Galas that went to Las Brisas after 1959 were done in the two tone pink color scheme.

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