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More Photos from Charles

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More pics courtesy of Charles.
vintage jeep133 vintage jeep64 vintage jeep47 vintage jeep21

vintage jeep15

Staff car 1st un brigade -elisabethville – congo 1961



road to DURKHEIM -germany 1945

belgian 2ww-sas-ardennes-holland-1

Belgian sas combat 2ww in the ardennes + holland -very rare

belgian 2ww-sas -ardennes-holland

Belgian sas combat 2ww in the ardennes + holland -very rare

draw3 draw2 draw1


Belgian army korea 1950-53


Belgian army korea 1950_53


Liberation of ‘AVERBODE’ 5 ( small village near leuven) belgium 1944

Willys-M38-Gear-Patrol (2)

vintage jeep146


One comment on “More Photos from Charles

  1. van haezendonck fred

    Sir the SAS photo’s are the for sale
    My father was in the Belgian SAS 1942-1947 and i’m collecting ev’thing off the Belgian SAS

    Grtz Fred

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