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1962 Rural Wagon Brazil $30,000

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Transporting this to the US won’t be cheap. The price seems a bit high vis-a-via the value of the dollar in Brazil.

“This model of Station Wagon was developed and manufactured exclusively in Brazil by Willys, and later by Ford – from 1967. Factory painting, still original. Small spots of rust, but no mass repair. Original (but torn) upholstery and lining. Monochrome interior in blue tone. Electrical system 6 volts stored. Original engine and mechanics in perfect condition. Willys BF161 engine – the first engine manufactured in Brazil. Rare \”jeep”\ inscription on the back cover. Only wheels and non-original tires.
$30000 – no fees and transportation service.”



2 Comments on “1962 Rural Wagon Brazil $30,000

  1. Mike

    The Rural Willys wagon in Georgia, exactly like this is still for sale as of last week. Already in the states meets EPA requirements, at a fraction of the cost.

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