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1949 Wagon Grantham, NH $22,600

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UPDATE: Still Available.

()6/14/2016) “1949 Jeep Willys Overland
2 wheel drive
4 cylinder
2 door station wagon
44,000 miles
Always garaged
Fully restored
Excellent condition”

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3 Comments on “1949 Wagon Grantham, NH $22,600

  1. colin peabody

    While it is easy to pick apart someone else’s vehicle, I can see some things that the term “Fully Restored” are lacking. The rear bumper is 1950/later style, the 46-49 would have said “Willys Overland”. The tailgate script is only the word “Willys” and the other have said “Overland”. It may be the way the reflections on the paint look, but the tailgate appears to have body work that wasn’t done correctly. The interior shot of the headliner shows water stains that would be indicative of rust in that area. The headliner may be the original and simply wasn’t replaced due to not being able to find the correct material. It does have the correct hubcaps and an original steering wheel, the hood script and the glove box script. Original heater also. No engine or underhood photos, however.

    All told, it isn’t a bad wagon, but a closer detailed inspection would be prudent before plunking down $22,500 George Washingtons.

  2. Dan B.

    I agree with Colin. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and $ went into this, but it’s far from stock. The exterior isn’t even painted the correct colors in the correct spots.

    If the buyer doesn’t care about that type of thing, it’s a nice wagon.

  3. Mike

    I like this wagon, as long as everybody is an “Expert” or “Critic”, I’ll add my 2 cents. As far as the color scheme goes, I’m old enough to remember a few Odd ball wagons that looked like this, even back in the very early 1950’s, you would see a wagon that did not fit into the period correct mindset of the era.

    Notice the windshield and tail gate windows, seem to be larger than stock, Not by much, just inches. I think it is the rubber weather seal that gives less over lap on the glass. My guess is that the weather seal was installed backwards. Just the same, I like it, gives the wagon glass area a better look. Maybe that’s 4 cents, My complements to the owner. I’m done.

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