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Carson CarCraft & Dumas Center Seat

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Many readers are familiar with the Dumas Center folding seat, but I suspect many haven’t heard of the Carson Manufacturing CarCraft Center Seat. Here are brochures for both:

1948 Carson Manufacturing ad:

carson-carcraft-center-folding-seat1-lores carson-carcraft-center-folding-seat2-lores

1955 Dumas Center Seat Ad (I have pics from an NOS Dumas seat as well thanks to Pascal):


NOS Dumas seat:

dumas-center-seat5 dumas-center-seat6

dumas-center-seat7 dumas-center-seat8 dumas-center-seat9 dumas-center-seat10



4 Comments on “Carson CarCraft & Dumas Center Seat

  1. Lew

    You cant tempt us with the mention of pics of the NOS without showing it too Dave. Id surely look if you posted that too.

  2. Barry West

    I like the looks and design of the CarCraft over the Dumas. And they were both manufactured in Oklahoma…..I wonder what was so special back in the day in Oklahoma? I’m not saying I don’t like OK, cause I do, just curious.

  3. Ted Jordan

    I have one of the Dumas seats in my Column Shift and all I can ever call it is the Dumbass seat , but none the less really cool seat and it fits like a glove and you still have room for the PTO shifting lever. I agree with Barry though the Car Craft looks like its built a little better, but I wont beg and choose and very happy to have the Dumbass version as you really just dont see these around much!!!
    Thanks for the update on the Pickup Dave

  4. Bob

    I like that the Carson seat folds down…wonder why no one thought to put a storage container in the back of the top of it?

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