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1961 CJ-5 San Gabriel Valley, CA $10,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,000.

(09/15/2015) Nice CJ-5 with what looks to be a vintage top in excellent condition.

“1961 Jeep Willy CJ5, w/corvette engine 8 cylinder, chrome Ramsey Winch Box, soft top, 3 speed, runs good, stored in garage.”

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12 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 San Gabriel Valley, CA $10,000

  1. shogan

    You are correct Alaska. That was the first thing I noticed but quickly dismissed. After a second look my impression was right. And yours.

  2. Lew

    Im going with lense error. Call it perspective or foreshortening. Try taking a picture of a piece of paper laying flat on a desk with your iphone above it in an attempt to show all sides parallel. It takes me a number of tries before the page looks square and not more like a trapezoid. The same tilt you describe for the front shows up in what should be parallel lines in the side photos of the jeep as well.

  3. Mike

    I never understood the point of installing a high end V/8 engine in a Jeep, unless you change gear ratios in the transmission and differentials, very little benefit will be noticed. Oh well, common sense is no longer considered of value. Nice Jeep with that vintage looking top.

  4. S. Giraud

    With 4:27 stock jeep gears which were available for the V-6 model and a Warn overdrive, I would think one would have have lots of top end and yet still have low end for off road with the T-90C . I sure like the top which I believe is a Whitco. Very nice jeep.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Agreed, it is a beautiful top and perfectly mounted. I was hoping to do a post on Whitco tops over the years. I’ll get to it at some point.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    The Tux Park packages (I, II, III) were available between 1961-1963, but they are add on packages. I believe the official tux park (Tux Park IV) jeep wasn’t available until 1964. This particular jeep has more chrome than was available for the tux park packages.

    The top looks close to the Whitco 1100 ( ), but there are a few differences. Maybe it was custom designed based on the Whitco? Alternatively, I’ve seen a similar top design out of Colombia, but I can’t seem to find a good example at the moment.

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