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1960 “Maverick” Wagon Melbourne Beach, FL **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was listed on eBay auction that ended 05/28 and it did not sell at that time.

Mike forwarded this ad. Seller notes the transmission is a “4 spd. semi automatic transmission” offered by Willys? Neither Mike nor I have.

“I purchased this vehicle from the original owner in Palm Beach Fla..I am the second owner,have owned it for 31 years,been mostly in storage always run and stored w/marvel mystery oil in fuel.All original including tires(special no flat tires,no dry rot cracks at all)Totally unmolested ORIGINAL.RARE 4 spd. semi automatic transmission,Maverick model.Only 2500 of this rare model originally made,and made for 2 years only.Original carpet and burlap headliner in this model only.Top speed is 78 mph hour compared to 55 mph for all other models.You will not find another one like it in original condition/almost no rust on body,undercoated from factory.Staining on paint was from wd40,oops.Runs and drives PERFECTLY.The only thing ever replaced was the radiator and water pump, just replaced last year No repairs ever,very mint and original rare model.Runs and drives perfectly.My age is why I am selling some of my vehicles, John,three 21-30 two-20 four four, for any Q’s. Many people say they have a Maverick model and do not.Very few around and I have never seen an unmolested original, in the condition like this one.The vin#5814712927 tells you that this is the rare and very driveable Maverick model (78mph speeds)that make it very enjoyable to drive on today’s roads. I will be happy to assist your shipper with the pick up,or you can drive it home to anywhere and enjoy the drive home.”

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11 Comments on “1960 “Maverick” Wagon Melbourne Beach, FL **Status Unknown**

  1. Ted jordan

    Is that even the Maverick trim package ? Looks like the standard Chevron or hockey stick type but Im not sure

  2. Mike

    I emailed the owner and asked him if this was a 3 speed stick with overdrive, and YES INDEED it IS a Column shift 3 speed transmission with overdrive. Sometimes it amazes me that after owning this Willys wagon for 31 years, he can’t give a accurate description.

  3. Bill Norris

    Sorry about the double post- itchy trigger finger.

    Ted, that trim is specific to ’59 and ’60 Mavericks. The weave around the gauges is another Maverick trait.


  4. Colin Peabody

    The serial number on this Maverick 58147 12927 indicates it is a 1960 475 2×4 Maverick “Face Lift” ( one piece windshield, rear tailgate glass, lower ribbed roof line, as far as I can figure). Numbers started at 12655 and ended at 15220. This does have the stainless trim just below the windshield that goes all around the body of the Jeep. Owner probably thought it was a semi- automatic because the overdrive when engaged allows you to shift through the forward gears without using the clutch, kinda like the old Fluid Drive Chrysler products from the late 40s and early 50s. Probably never learned how to properly drive with the overdrive anyway. This one appears to be missing the small rear seat and the larger seat is mounted on the left side rather than the right side.
    My friend Jim Sullivan has a Maverick built in 58, but titled as a 59, serial number 58147 10184 with the same exterior trim, but has the two piece windshield and rear glass and the older style top, 36,000 original miles with overdrive. It does not have the weave around the gauge panel and no indication that it did from the factory. This is the red and white Maverick that was on eWillys last August for 8K, but it went to Jim for a whole lot less! Mavericks were supposed to have the one piece glass front and rear but as we know, Willys used every available part to get their vehicles out the door.

    Not a bad looking Maverick!

  5. Bill Norris

    Hi Colin,

    Boy, that is a really early ’59. They started that year at 10100. The split windshield is odd. You never know what happened there with Willys. Is the area around the gauges painted white instead of the weave? The early ones were like that, but I can’t recall when the change was made.


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