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Frame Is Painted!

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2017-04-24-david-ann-sand-blastingThis weekend my lovely helper and I blasted and painted the frame. Now, we are both tired. So, here’s a recap in pics …. First the dirt and scraping. Yuck!



2017-04-24-muck-behind-engineThen came the sand blasting …


We turned to blasting the frame. Of course, it decided to rain.



Then we blasted the frame … the rain finally left! (note the twist in the frame caused by a low tire and a bad spring). Somehow, the photo makes it look much worse than it is.


To make it easier, we flipped the frame on the side using a lever.2017-04-24-parts-sandblasted-tipped 2017-04-24-parts-sandblasted-tipped3

Yesterday, I finally completed removing the bumper. In the process, Ann was having fun taking photos while I was grumbled about one last rivet that wouldn’t cooperate.


Eventually, the frame was ready to paint. Going with the theme that this won’t be a perfect restoration, this is a Rustoleum primer.


Then some Valstar tractor paint (black matte). I brushed it on, then sprayed the trickier areas. This stuff has been great on Biscuit. 2017-04-24-frame-painted

We head back to Pasco on Tuesday. I’ve got a box load of parts to paint!



11 Comments on “Frame Is Painted!

  1. Barry West

    Looks like a scene outa Star Wars. Dave is the frame twisted or the rear springs causing the problem. Appears some kids jumped field terrace rows with the Lil Jeep. Or it was used as a stunt double. Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Barry West

    By the way those blue jeans in that condition are selling for $450.00 @ Nordstroms!? Though the dirt an grease is fake. That should make yours worth triple!? They’re talking about them on the news.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Wow… love seeing the progress. Pretty nice for a “rattle can” job!
    You’re a lucky man having Ann’s help 🙂

  4. Colin Peabody

    Great progress on Rusty! Having a helper like Ann must be great! My wife does bring me water and iced tea, though!

  5. mark johnson

    So umm , No static from the garage owners about a New major jeep project while your old jeep project sits in the next bay ?? lol Mj

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Mark: The garage owners and I have brokered a trade deal … I fix the broken stuff (sinks, roofs, decks, mowers .. you name it!). Works out good for them. Works out good for me. Now that my books are behind me, I’ll get Rusty running, then Biscuit.

  7. SteveK

    Wow, that waterline and mud packed linkage is a little concerning for what you might find in the differential and oil pan. Love the progress and fashion show. Thanks for sharing.

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