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Road Hauks Customize A Tired Willys Truck

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Joe in Mesa forwarded photos of this truck that the Road Hauks crew on Discovery channel made over. Only those with history channel access can see this online. Otherwise, set up your DVR to record it. I’m sure they’d rerun it.

road-hawks-truck6 road-hawks-truck1 road-hawks-truck2 road-hawks-truck3 road-hawks-truck4 road-hawks-truck5


3 Comments on “Road Hauks Customize A Tired Willys Truck

  1. Barry West

    Yawn…..I prefer the odd balls we see pieced together on here. There’s somewhat of a mystery behind them, like what were they thinking? What were they drinking at the time? Did it involve Scooby Snacks? Was there a protagonist or antagonist or both, who knows but “Real Mysteries!

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks for the link, Cody. I was so busy trying to take pics to send Dave I actually missed paying attention to the episode :-).

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