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1962 CJ-6 West Lebanon, NH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

No shots of the whole jeep in one photo, but the close ups suggests this is a great shape.





This beautiful old Jeep was purchased new in 1962 for my mother for her weekly “Jeep rides”. However, shortly thereafter my parents purchased a summer house on the lake and the Jeep was parked in the garage most of the time while the water was enjoyed. When I inherited it in 2005, I had it compleely gone through mechanically. There were a couple of bubbles, so it was professionally repainted in the original color. It sat in the garage once again until I had it inspected in 2008. I hoped that I finally had the time to drive and enjoy my beloved Jeep. However, to my dismay I discovered that my newly diagnosed rheumatoid artritis prevented me from safely driving it. So I parked it in the garage once again until I finally realized that it is time to sell my Jeep to someone who can truly enjoy it.

My father always called it a CJ5–or sometimes a CJ5A–with a long wheelbase. In studying the owner’s manual, I discovered that it is actually a CJ6. The miles ae original. We always had a Jeep from the first post-war Army Jeep in the 1940’s, and each one had “improvements” so I am not sure what was added and what is original. The driver has a motorized windshield wiper, but the passenger must manually work the lever for their side. There is an AM rado under the dash. The front wheels have locking wheel hubs that I believe were an added feature. It actually has seat belts!

The two boxes in the back contain Campbell tire chains. The vinyl seats could use a good cleaning, but are in great condition. There are cushions to go on the “seats” over the wheel wells. One of them is in great condition, but the mice ate a couple of holes in the second one and took all of the stuffing.

The canvas roof is in place and appears to be perfect. The side curtains and rear panel are in wonderful condition. I see no defects with the possible exception of the windows being yellowed. That may be soiling, but I prefer not to try to clean them. The canvas doors were stored in a different manner. They have the same problem with their windows. The main door looks fine, but there is some rust on the metal. The canvas around the metal is in need of repair. This dear old Jeep has sat in the garage for many years and is in need of refreshing. I apologize for the photos, but I could not get it out of the garage for better ones.

Hopefully, my photos and description have given enough information. Please feel free to ask any and all questions, but be as specific as possible. Using the owner’s manual, the original Willys Owners Service Policy and the old registrations, in addition to my history with it, I should be able to answer whatever you want to know. My baby is ready for a new home!


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  1. Seth

    Holy s! I bid it up to around $8k. I talked to the seller a bit, but 20k is crazy. How’d you find that out?

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