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1952 M-38 Salado, TX $5250

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $5250


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For Sale: NICE ’52 Willys M-38. Not restored. This is an Authentic, numbers matching, unmolested all original flat fender low hood Willys M-38 Military Jeep.
Clear Blue Texas Title.

All the manuals and original owners handbook will go with the Jeep. This jeep was owned by a retired USAF officer who recently passed. It has been under cover and in storage for a significant amount of time. This Jeep is not perfect, but this is the best M-38 solid restoration candidate I’ve seen in YEARS. Floor boards are BEAUTIFUL and SOLID. Tool Kit floor is PERFECT. The only rust-through on the entire Jeep is in the RR quarter panel at the fender support, and it’s minor, as shown in the pictures. Authentic U.S. Army markings still intact and legible. The windshield frame is flawless, the glass is excellent. This Jeep even has the winter top bows installed for the winterization kit and the tracks on the windshield frame and the bottom door tracks.

The flathead L134 needs rebuild. The motor is NOT running, and it does NOT spin freely. This IS the original motor and it IS installed in the jeep as shown. I’ve got it soaking in transmission fluid right now, but I am sure this motor will have to be sleeved, and I’ve got the head stud retaining nuts off so you can look at the cylinder walls yourself. The block will need to be decked and head will have to be surfaced. Drive train is complete down to the last wheel stud. All skid plates are installed. The emergency brake drum is installed as shown.
Missing: Oil bath air filter, fuel tank, military light switch housing on dash, rear seat, glove box lid, glove box insert, tail gate, tailgate hinges, drop chains and hardware for the tailgate, and the emergency brake pull handle. This Jeep is otherwise complete in every detail, even has the original top bows and hardware. This is a roller, on original OEM 16″ rims. Shift linkage is free through all gears, high-low range and in-out 4-wheel drive linkage all in excellent original condition.
The hood has the snorkel plate installed. The windshield frame has the original pivoting hardware with serrated adjustment plates installed–stock. The glass is a little smokey around the edges, but it’s not cracked or pitted up.
Known Damage: The RR bumperette has been pushed in and the bumper is actually bent in as shown. The front frame stays are a little tweaked at the shock mounts 1/2″ to the passenger side. The front bumper has seen it’s share of stresses. A very heavy tow bar was installed on it at one time. I suspect the front of the frame may have been tweaked at the stays during towing, but this is definitely repairable. Not one crack or split in the frame, anywhere, no pitting or rust through at any of the typical spots. The frame is beautiful. All of the OEM M38 tie-down brackets on the frame are still installed, stock. The sheet metal throughout is absolutely gorgeous. Even the battery tray is excellent.

Known Items NOT stock on the Jeep: The front axle has WARN lock-out hubs installed. These rotate freely and engage and disengage as designed, but they are NOT stock equipment. The fuel pump on the motor was by-passed with an electric pump. There is a switch on the dash which is not OEM. This was used to activate the later model electric pump. The Jeep, for some reason has two horns. The Jeep also has two black out lights; there should be only one as manufactured.
Voice calls ONLY. Will send pictures you specify after we’ve spoken if you’re long distance. I have tried very hard to put the pictures in of the usual bad areas to show you just how clean this jeep really is. It is remarkable.
The Jeep has been pressure washed. It is immaculate so you can come and look at it and see what it is accurately.
$5,250.00 CASH
Title and Bill of Sale released when the Jeep is paid for in full as we agree. I will deliver it, anywhere, provided you’ve paid for it in advance and we agree on time, mileage and expenses.
*If you’re reading this add the M-38 is still for sale.”


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  1. Arno Boers

    Good day,
    Is there any possibility that this M38 could be shipped to South Africa if I buy it.

    Kind Regards

    Arno Boers

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