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1957 Truck Alamosa, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $24,500.

(11/18/2009) “FOR SALE is this unique 1957 Willys pickup with almost everything replaced or rebuilt. New (crate) 283 Chevy V-8, T-90 3 speed trans. w/Warn Overdrive, Dana 18 transfer case, dual exhaust, new radiator & electric fan, heater core, electric defrosters, electric wiper conversion with delay, top of the line C.B. with P.A., deluxe super shock absorbing clock, mega back up light w/musical alarm red light, twin standard horns, Oooogah horn and 5 trumpet horns, AM/FM/Cassette and CD adapter w/ 250 watt amp.12 inch speakers and others, interior and exterior aux lights, on-dash indicator lts. for each extra function added, if wanted talking programmable indoor/outdoor therm., cargo light, cargo box rails and tie downs, carb., manual choke, gas tank, sender, gauge, altinator, speedometer, tach., altimeter, shocks, brakes, oversize master cylinder,ignition switch, some steering parts.

Locking- lug nuts, cargo box, tool box, gas cap. Solid fender extensions on all four fenders, re-arched rear springs w/ overloads, extended bumpers w/HD iron framing, twin rear bumper fold down step plates, continental style spare, Ford Blue 466 paint included, plus factory repair manual. Stainless steel visor was refabricated by owner. Way too many extras to go on with. Previously in magazines and in car shows, but now needs a little polishing to make it that great again. ”

1957-truck-unique-alamosa-co1 1957-truck-unique-alamosa-co2


Previous photos (perhaps from a previous sale).1957_truck_blanca


17 Comments on “1957 Truck Alamosa, Co **SOLD**

  1. Mark

    Sorry about my auto-spell. I meant to say that truck has more bling than a 70s pimpmobile.

  2. Minnesota Chris

    Like I tell my brother all the time, just because they make it in chrome, doesn’t mean you put it on your truck

  3. Idaho Todd

    Come on guys, you’re not thinking fourth dimensional. Think of how many fish it could attract! Weeeee! I knew my brother would be going nuts about all that chrome….

  4. Al Masten

    Whatever was spent on the super shock absorbing clock likely could have paid for something more attractive than stick on numbers for the bumpers. It’s also possible after repairing all the new holes drilled in this old truck for the mounting of chrome for chromes sake you may discover a $12,000 truck under there. Or maybe all that junk was meant to distract our attention.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    This might work in Panama, the Phillipines, or Afghanistan, but in Colorado??? Really? What a horrible attrocity to commit upon a vintage 1957 American vehicle ;-(

  6. Mark in Indiana

    I noticed that there are no “chrome mud flap girl”, chrome skull, or chrome flames decals on the truck. Maybe I’m being too critical with my previous post? 😉

  7. Minnesota Chris

    Must have been on the show, pimp my ride. The bed is probably a sheet of chrome

  8. Pascal Lavoie

    But it is a “saved” one on the road. Better then seeing it a the scrap yard.

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