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1964 Wagon (Traveller?) WV $7400

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Craig shared this one. Possibly a Traveller?

“4wd, 4 cyl 3 speed, hi/low. Hi/Low transfer case. extra trans and transfer cases, v6 motor , included very clean interior , pics are current as of today 8/17/17.”

1964-wagon-traveler-wv0 1964-wagon-traveler-wv1 1964-wagon-traveler-wv2 1964-wagon-traveler-wv3 1964-wagon-traveler-wv4


3 Comments on “1964 Wagon (Traveller?) WV $7400

  1. Dan B.

    Couldn’t read anything off an enlarged version of the GSA plate. I emailed the seller to see about more info. Might be a 2wd Traveller. Has the vacuum heating controls of the 1962.5 and later.

  2. Dan B.

    Hi Thomas,

    There were a few changes to the Willys Truck and Wagon in May 1962 with the launch of the 230 OHC Tornado. The firewall gained a notch to fit the valve cover of the Tornado. The steering changed. And the cable-controlled heater/fan controls (the three quarter-sized knobs that some call “organ controls” switched to vacuum-powered controls – a few buttons and a smaller knob. You can see it below the ashtray in the picture above.

    For a close up, here are some pictures in this thread:

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