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1950 Jeepster Pittsburgh, PA No Price

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Now THIS is a barn find!

“1950 Willys Jeepster. Has been sitting in a shed for the last 30 years. It is very solid and with little work would become a nice driver.”

1950-jeepster-pittsburgh-pa0 1950-jeepster-pittsburgh-pa1 1950-jeepster-pittsburgh-pa2 1950-jeepster-pittsburgh-pa9


3 Comments on “1950 Jeepster Pittsburgh, PA No Price

  1. Barry West

    I can believe it has been sitting inside for a very long time because of the spare tire. That white wall has just about turned back to tree sap! Or someone plastered marshmallows all around it. Nice looking car.

  2. Larry Towell

    This is a perfect Jeepster to start a restore with! Colin, pretty cool history on the spare, roached or not!

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