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1953 M-38A1 Dolan Springs, AZ $5000


Might not be a bad price.


“Excellent condition 1953 military jeep. This vehicle is 95%+ original equipment. Running gear all original from the engine through the axles. Exceptions: Generator changed to an alternator, 12 volt system, ignition system upgraded, overdrive unit added to transfer case, military style taillights still in place, but, civilian type taillights have added. Vacuum wipers have been replaced with electric. Military seats have been replaced with civilian. Original military wheels and tires have been replaced with civilian. Non-military top and roll bar installed. Some chrome trim.

This engine runs very strong, it is a first generation F-head engine. 4 cylinder 134 cubic inch. Original three speed transmission, 2 speed transfer case and after market overdrive all works fine. Exhaust system is tight. Steering is tight. Suspension is good. Has a brand new mechanical fuel pump. Tires are 15″ Yokohama, mud and snow tread including a spare tire. All at 95%+. There are two issues, the light switch is temperamental (no solution, actual problem not resolved at present).

Emergency brake does not work(needs adjustment and or parts). Jeep is not currently licensed or insured but we can drive it on the county roads up here for a test drive if needed. Also available with this jeep is a genuine Korea War vintage post mount which will accept a M2HB .50 Browning or a Model 1919 A4 Browning .30 cal and semi autos in these two sizes are available for this vehicle if you are into military hardware, call for more information! Dummy guns are also available for parade use, etc.”



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