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1947 Truck Medford, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3400.

This is a project, but the body appears in good shape. Seller provides lots of details.

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“Read description carefully, most of the info you need is there- I am busy and don’t have time for emails from people who are too lazy to read.

This truck has great potential, I’ve had it for years but I don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves. Unlike 90% of the Willys trucks out there, this is one of the few that I would restore as it is fairly rare. Beaten, and abused Willys trucks are a dime a dozen, but this one has more potential than most, as is an early “flatnose” 1947, and may be one of the earliest surviving 4×4 civilian pickup trucks in the United States (excluding the Power Wagon truck, which was the same as the military version).

The truck looks much better in pics than in person. I did a quick paint job of the original Michigan Yellow as when I got this truck the PO had sanded the body to bare metal, then abandoned the project. I didn’t do any body work, nothing hidden or bad surprises. With the exception of the bed floor (rust) tranny tunnel (cut to fit PTO) and grill (backside cut to fit motor) the body is pretty good. The doors are the straightest I have ever seen, the cab is very good, the fenders good except a few holes where turn signals were mounted (these trucks did not come with turn signals). Other than a small bolt hole on door (for a mirror), no bondo or bodywork was seen. What you see is what you get. Solid metal.

The motor is a 1965 5-bolt 289. It runs, drives and doesn’t smoke, but I don’t think the motor is that tight as the oil pressure drops pretty low on longer drives. The motor is the same code as the Cobra and mustang HP 289, but it is not the HP. I’m 99% the motor could be fixed by replacing the bottom bearings, or you could pull the motor and sell it for enough money to buy a replacement. These motors can go for a fair amount of money. Really a great motor but needs a bigger radiator.

The Koenig PTO works.

Brand new vintage looking Deep Lug mud tires with hard-to -find 16″ Willys wheels. over 1k in the wheels.

Has a later model heater that works well, but the install wasn’t the best.

the bed is straight, but has holes on the floor and isn’t the bed that originally came with the truck. The easy fix is to weld a later-model floor in place of the original, as you may never find a bed that hasn’t been abused hauling rock or firewood.

The tailgate is salvageable, but not the greatest. Still, like the bed, these things were workhorses, and nearly always abused on a ranch or farm. Straight tailgates with the “WO” (Willys-Overland) are hard to find.

Most of the glass and rubber, including the windshield are new. the windshield gasket alone costs over $300.

The brakes were redone just before I got the truck. Need bleeding and adjustment.

Steering is sketchy. Bushings and basic maintenance should make it drivable-BUT, if you haven’t had the pleasure of driving something this old, please understand these are a bitch to drive! This is a manly-man truck that takes skill and patience to drive. You do not want to commute to work everyday in it, and it is not safe to drive on the highway.

Bill of Sale only. Not stolen!”



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