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1952 M-38 Ann Arbor, MI $5200 *SCAM*

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UPDATE: Claus confirmed that this same jeep was on eBay for $20k recently. If you see this posted other places on Craigslist, I’d suggest flatting it.

Craig shared this ad. The too-good-to-be-true price on this beautiful M-38 suggests it is likely a scam. The phone number for the ad is a California one, but it was listed in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, Craigslist. That doesn’t automatically mean it’s a scam (as I still have my Cali phone number), but is just another reason to be suspect.

“Also has new 12 volt batteries. Totally rebuilt engine and transmission”




9 Comments on “1952 M-38 Ann Arbor, MI $5200 *SCAM*

  1. Claus

    Definitely a scam. This beauty was recently offered on eBay by the owner at $20 000.

    Very sure he wont drop his price by that much….

  2. Thomas Flachs

    This even was on german ebay Kleinanzeigen a few days ago for also a ridiculously low price alongside with an OD Willys MB of the same visual quality.

    Both ads are gone by now.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    That’s the first I’ve heard of a scam going that far and wide! Thanks for the update.
    The ad above is still on Craigslist. I’ve flagged it again,

    – Dave

  4. Guy Bordeleau

    I confirm Claus, this M38 was on Ebay at the price of $ 20 000 and it’s impossible that the price of this superb jeep has dropped to $ 5,000, unless the seller suddenly went crazy…WINK!

    Guy aka M38CDNBill

  5. Blaine

    The CL map shows it at the Plymouth Mall next to or in the Hardware store. We all should call him and say we (or a friend) are in the neighborhood and can stop by to see the Jeep or meet him to talk. After 300 “no shows” he might get irritated. Or it this an evil thought?

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