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1953 Woody Station Wagon Prototype Osprey, FL $39,000

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This is a unique vehicle.

“1953 Willys Overland. Factory prototype. F head six cylinder. Right hand drive. This is the only one.”

1953-woodie-car-prototype-osprey2 1953-woodie-car-prototype-osprey3 1953-woodie-car-prototype-osprey4


14 Comments on “1953 Woody Station Wagon Prototype Osprey, FL $39,000

  1. mike

    I don’t know, something about this vehicle seems very strange, a one of a kind that no one has ever seen or heard of, doesn’t look like a Willys or Kaiser vehicle,right hand drive yet in America. Is the speedo in kilometers? For such a unique vehicle, you would think the seller would list a detailed description.

  2. Iowa steve

    The Willys Aero was a line of passenger cars manufactured first by Willys-Overland and later by Kaiser-Willys Corporation from 1952 through 1955. The father of the Aero was Clyde Paton, former engineer for Packard Motor Car Company. The Eagle and Lark models were built from 1952 to 1954. A Wing model was available only in 1952, a Falcon model in 1953, and a taxicab in very limited production in 1953 and 1954. The Ace was the only model built through all U. S. production. 1955 saw two new models, the two- and four-door Ace sedans (renamed Custom shortly into the production run) and two-door hardtop Bermuda. Production in the U.S.A. ended that year as Henry J. Kaiser decided to give up the Kaiser and Willys Aero lines and concentrate solely on Jeeps. A total of 91,377 Aeros were built in Toledo.[1]
    The Aero tooling went to Brazil

  3. Vernon Haggard

    I have 2 aero willys — I don’t see any aero stuff on this wreck ? — they don’t show the f-6 hurricane — gauges look like my 51 sedan delivery — in 50 years of willys collecting repairing restoring , never seen or heard of this oddball ..

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