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Welliver, Floy Fox, & Rapport Dual Adapters

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Ted assembled these photos to highlight the differences between three different adapters: the Welliver, Floy Fox, and Rapport. You can learn more about adapters here:

Ted’s also got a variety of parts for sale. You can see them all here:
View all of Ted’s parts on eBay (if for some reason that link doesn’t work, then use this one:

Ted writes, “I changed over from a set of Wellivers on my rear of the 2a to a set of Rappaport’s. The Welliver’s are very rare and nice in the fact that they fit on front or rear of Jeep. The third type I have are exact copies from an original set of Floy Foxs that I found on an old Willy’s Truck many years ago. A good jeep buddy of mine, who’s a really great machinist, makes them for me when he’s not booming with his other work. All three of these types bolt right up to original Willy’s rims and, importantly, do not require the second wheel to be mounted backwards like on the Hickey type and shorter versions like the pair that have been on ebay forever. I think the Willys’ guys are smart enough to see there too short .”

Welliver adapters:

dual-adapater-welliver00 dual-adapater-welliver0 dual-adapater-welliver1 dual-adapater-welliver2

dual-adapater-welliver3 dual-adapater-welliver4 dual-adapater-welliver5 dual-adapater-welliver6

Fox Floy Adapters:

dual-adapater-fox-floy4 dual-adapater-fox-floy5

Rapport Dual Adapters:

dual-adapater-rappaport0 dual-adapater-rappaport1 dual-adapater-rappaport2 dual-adapater-rappaport3 dual-adapater-rappaport4




7 Comments on “Welliver, Floy Fox, & Rapport Dual Adapters

  1. Ted Jordan

    Thanks for the nice comments guys !!! Happy to share the pics and info , Scottie I don’t have any Rappaport’s I want to part with right now but will certainly Keep my eyes open for you and I have your contact info saved .

  2. Ray

    Ted, any spare Rappaport stud extensions, I’m getting close to looking at making some. Would you know what the material is, is there any info around on making these? Thanks.

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