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Tim’s Texas Trip

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eWillys’ senior field correspondent Tim Evan’s filed this report.

Tim wrote, “Last week we found cheap airline tickets ($34) from Cincinnati OH to Dallas TX so we decided to spend a few days there. Our agenda was to see a rodeo, and eat BBQ, chicken fried steak, and just plain steak. Of course, as always, I was on the lookout for jeeps.

At the Dr. Pepper museum gift shop in Waco TX, I found this reproduction advertisement, for sale, $30, from the WWII era with thirsty Soldiers in a jeeps being served a Dr Pepper.




A few blocks away at the Magnolia Silos from HGTV, we found this 1953 Willys wagon on display. If you think jeep parts are pricey you should see the home decor stuff in here!

w2 w1

We visited the G.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Southern Methodist University. I asked if President Bush drives a Jeep on his ranch. I already knew the answer (no he drives a pick-up truck). I did see this photo of him with Thomas Lasorda CEO Chrysler from 2007 with a Grand Cherokee Jeep powered by bio diesel fuel.


After returning to Ohio, on November 4th I had the honor of driving WWII veteran Corporal Hoda Young, aged 101 years, in my M-38A1 at the Bowling Green KY Veterans Day Parade. CPL Young served with 3rd Armored Division in Europe. He had a an very memorable day looking over the Jeep and its engine and then riding shotgun in the parade. He was very knowledgeable about Jeeps, telling me that he’d purchased a jeep following WWII. He used it primarily as a farm vehicle.


Happy Veterans Day everyone and thanks to all the veterans for your service!


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