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1948 CJ-2A Klamath Falls, OR eBay

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Ted shared this eBay auction. It’s a beautiful jeep. It is missing the bow holders on the driver’s side and the spare tire mounted on the passenger side, but those are minor quibbles.

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“This Willys is a Cj2a that has been completely restored from ground up.With the motor being all standard it has not been run much. I Ordered a new steel body mostly for the rust issues under the tool box and hat channel.By the time I replaced the channel and floor I was getting up in labor and cost.

I completely disassembled it and started with the frame and worked my way up. The list that follows of new parts installed to make it drive on the highway and be safe to operate. I upgraded the brakes, from 9″ to 11″” self adjusting; And new dual master cylinder. Converted it to a single wire Alternator to get the 12v needed for modern lights and all new cloth wiring.Rebuilt the steering box with new sector shaft, and the jeep does not wander going down the road. All steering is tight.I replaced most all the bolts.The list of parts is long and I did not cut corners on the restore.

I rebuilt the Motor, Transmission,Transfer case, went through front Dana 25 and the 41 Rear with all new seals,gaskets,and bearings if needed.All new brake lines and routed them for the dual system.I originally bought the jeep from a guy that had it up on blocks, and you guessed it , in his barn. He gave me a stack of paper work for all purchases he had done through the years plus a couple pictures of his family hunting in the 60’s. I kept the majority of the receipts from the purchases I have done and they will go with the willys.I do have the original brakes and 6V generator that can go with it. I have drove it around my little town on nice days but it has less than 50 miles.When I bought it, the last time it was registered was in 1982.It has original blue Oregon plates and I do have the front plate. On to the next project!!!

Frame sand blasted and sprayed with Aquacron Industrial
New Steel Body and undercoated with Raptor U-POL
Painted with Urethane which is as close to Luzon Red as I could get/ Actually a burgundy
New Glass and rubber around glass
New Stewart Warner Gauges/ Speedo stock
New wiring /Braided like stock and installed blinkers
New brake lights
Restored heater and changed to 12V
All new springs/ bushings
New shocks
5 new tires and tubes 7.00-16 6ply military tread
New seat foam padding and upholstery
New gas tank and S&W float gauge
Drums/ shoes/wheel cylinders are new
New front bumper
Rebuilt transmission and transfer bearings and seals
New motor mounts and body rubber

Motor boiled and magni-fluxed
Standard bore honed and installed standard rings
Standard rod and mains/polished crank
Cam bearings installed and valves ground with new springs
New Oil pump, water pump, distributer checked for runout
Petronics Electronic ignition installed
New Alternator
New old stock carb I purchased on Ebay.
Surfaced flywheel
New clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot
New Exhaust system and exhaust manifold
New battery and cables

This is as close to a new/old vehicle you can get.”


One comment on “1948 CJ-2A Klamath Falls, OR eBay

  1. Harve Waff

    What a magnificent restoration! I am just acquiring a CJ2a in Eugene, Oregon and will benefit from your experience. Thank you for sharing the details of your work.

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