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1963 DJ-3A/4WD Campbellsport, WI **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500.

(12/01/2017) It’s been converted to 4WD, but I don’t see transfer case lever(s)? It was a column shift.

“63 willy’s corrected lighting system, turn and brake lights. New tires, new steering ball joints and alignment. After running motor, found fresh oil dripping out of transmission bell ( where clutch is located ). Discussed situation with other mechanics believed it would be a leaking front main seal on transmission. Removed transmission to find it was the rear main engine seal. Lost time to finish repair due to sale of house. Put trans back in to help hold motor in place to move to WI. Jeep has a 3 speed trans.”

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8 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A/4WD Campbellsport, WI **Status Unknown**

  1. Mike

    Just a few observations, compare this 1963 DJ3a Dispatcher 4 wheel drive conversion to the previous listing on EWILLYS for a similar Dispatcher from Morgan, NC a few days ago. Note that this one has hinged doors as opposed to sliding doors on the one from NC. The sliding doors were standard on the DJ3A Dispatcher and the hinged doors were standard on the CJ5, with sliding doors being an option on the CJ5. A lot of “marketing strategy” here at work. Were the hinged doors marketed as a option on DJ3a? Note the CJ5 style rear side windows, which were not offered on the standard DJ3A. Just trivia…

  2. David Eilers Post author


    The doors on this DJ should slide like those on the CJ-5. Someone added hinges at some point. I’ve always been curious if these tops are the same as the CJ-5 versions (I believe Koenig made both) with the only difference being the additional mounting parts that allow it to fit a DJ. I have not heard anyone try to swap one of these tops from the CJ to the DJ.

    Why the DJ-3A top did not have windows along the back sides isn’t clear to me, especially since a 1955 postal jeep appeared in a brochure with windows in the rear ( ). Maybe it made them cheaper to manufacture? One thing for sure, it wouldhave created a larger blind spot!

  3. SteveK

    I’m not a Willys expert, so maybe some one else knows for sure, but I could swear I remember reading that the CJ5s were an inch wider and longer than Flatties with the NEW BODY design for more room inside. If so, that would make the top swap a little more difficult. Anybody know for sure?

  4. Mike

    Stevek, One thing I know for sure, there was a overhang on the DJ3A roof section over the windshield, acted as kind of a sun visior and bolted up to the wider, Dispatcher windshield. If you note the indented side 1/4 panel sections on a CJ5 body along the edge where the top mounts, this would account for the difference in size.
    The fiberglass roof section mounted to a metal frame on the vehicle. I bought one of these fiberglass roofs back in the early 1960′ s brand new from the local Jeep dealer, at that time, $120.00 delivered to the house, same part # for the DJ & CJ. No pre-drilled holes, had to line it up yourself, at 15 years old, this was quite a task. Always had a soft spot in my heart for the hardtop Dispatchers.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Very interesting!
    Steve: Somewhere I have some body width measurements I will see what I can find.

    Mike: I am surprised they had the same part number given, as we noted above, the DJ-5 top seemed to have no windows while the CJ-5 did. I do think the top was plenty long enough to fit either. Did the top you bought have windows? .. good point on the indented sides. That would seem to give more opportunity for the top to fit both body styles.

  6. Mike

    Dave, I didn’t purchase the entire top, just the fiberglass roof panel. When i sated same part #, This is what I was referring to. Some years later, I did find an entire metal top like this minus the fiberglass roof panel, in the garbage at the very same Jeep dealer. The one thing that made these tops unpopular, was the fact that the rear window hatch opened on a metal track with a cast iron roller mounted from the top of the mental framework slanted downward, not only did it cut down on cargo room, but also was a safety hazard when it came crashing down on someone’s head. Boy did that hurt. At the time, Kaiser issued a safety warning about driving with the rear hatch open.
    * Note I mentioned CJ5, not DJ5, gets confusing after a while.

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