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1966 Tux Park IV CJ-5A Anaheim, CA eBay

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I’m not sure why this has a Surrey top and tire cover? I think it detracts from the vehicle.

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“1966 Jeep CJ5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV
Indian Ceramic w/Black interior.
Barn find with 2,965 miles since new
Rare Model 8322 CJ-5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV
Original Indian Ceramic paint
4-wheel drive
Dauntless 225 CI OHV V-6 engine
Floor-shifted 3-speed transmission
Surrey Gala Top option
Garage kept since new
Never driven on the dirt road
Side mounted spare tire with cover
Chrome front and rear bumper
Chrome hood badges
Chrome license plate holder
Chrome headlights and tail lamp surrounds
Windshield clamp catch
Chrome hubcaps and whitewall tires
Black bucket seats and floor mat
Original oil bath air cleaner

Mobil oil change sticker intact from 1985 showing 2,353 miles
From the rudimentary 1946 CJ-2A to the last CJ-7s of 1986, for 40 years there was a Jeep CJ for practically any task. Kaiser-Fraser was already failing when it took over Jeep producer Willys-Overland in 1953, but the CJ carried on for more than 30 years afterwards. One of the longest-running variants was the CJ-5, which first appeared in 1954. By 1961, Kaiser realized the Jeep was beginning to lose ground to fresh-faced competition both foreign and domestic. The fast-growing youth market was turning to sportier cars that emphasized style and speed, while Jeep’s image was, at least figuratively, stuck in the mud. In response, Jeep rolled out the Tuxedo Park, a trim package that included chromed add-ons and upgraded seats upholstered in “Black British Calf Grain Vinyl.” In 1964 the Tuxedo Park became its own model, the Mark IV. Available in either CJ-5A or CJ-6A long-wheelbase configuration, the Mark IV was distinguished from the standard Jeep by its chromed bumpers and hood badges, hood hold-downs and windshield clamp catch, chromed full-size wheel covers with “Jeep” center caps, a drop-down chromed license plate frame and chromed tail light bezels.
Mark IVs were few in number, and today this low-mileage barn find identified as genuine by its “8322” VIN prefix must be considered one of the very best still in existence. Garage kept since new and never driven on dirt roads, this remarkable 4-wheel-drive specimen shows just 2,981 miles on the odometer. Power comes from the Buick-based Dauntless 225/160 HP V-6 engine mated to a floor-shifted 3-speed manual transmission. Accessorized with the optional Surrey Gala top, a side-mount spare with matching cover and chromed mirrors, it still wears its original Indian Ceramic paint and Black bucket seats and floor mat. This pristine and rare specialty CJ-5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV promises years of fun, whether as a collection centerpiece or a showcase vehicle for parades and special events.”


9 Comments on “1966 Tux Park IV CJ-5A Anaheim, CA eBay

  1. Mike

    This is only the second CJ5 I’ve seen with the surrey top, the first being a 1962 CJ5 special ordered and delivered from the factory with the surrey top. Lee’s Tavern in Clifton, NJ One of my dad’s favorite watering holes, owned this JEEP, not only fringe on the top, also side curtains, doors and upholstery to match. This was 1962, at that time, very unique. Some of you will dispute this, but the Tuxedo Park name was mentioned in advertising brochures as early as 1962. This was a special paint and trim option marketed with a white tub body with the grill and wheels painted red along with red rolled & pleated upholstery, white wall tires and full hub caps. Tuxedo Park, NY, a very wealthy community in Rockland County was close to The Kaiser Jeep parts Depot in West Nyack, NY, and that is where the named is derived from. The Idea was to market to a more upscale customer.

    This option, was also available on the 226 “Cracker Box” wagons.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Tom: Roll cages were far more popular out west, no matter the style of jeep. I grew up with cages in jeeps and don’t feel entirely comfortable in a jeep without one.

    Mike: I can see the 1962 CJ-5 being ordered with the surrey top, especially if it was white. I can also imagine that was a very unique looking vehicle! We have also documented a surrey CJ-3B having been ordered and delivered. Sounds like they would have done pretty much anything to make a sale!

    I haven’t not dated any Tux Park ads too carefully, but, as I understand it, tux park trim packages were offered as early as 1961 in an effort to boost the jeep’s image.

    The thing I wonder about the ’66 is that by then the surreys would have been phased out, so I wonder if those items were close out items available cheaply or whether they were purchased at a later date (not that it really makes any difference). Given the great condition of the surrey items matches the great condition of the jeep, it seems possible they could have been purchased at the same time.

  3. Cade Verner

    Spoke with the selling dealer – owner has this CJ on consignment and trying to get $59,900.
    Good luck with that!

  4. Mike

    $59.900.00, will never happen. No doubt, a beautiful vehicle and worth a premium price because of the pristine condition & low mileage, but lets be realistic about the price. This is what “rubs me” the wrong way, those individuals who think the sky is the limit and ask outrageous prices. Pick a magic number and hope for the best. The market place is distorted by these tactics of cashing in.

  5. Colin Peabody

    What troubles me is that if it is a factory top and spare tire mount, why are those items not color keyed to the paint color on the Jeep. And it they put the Surrey option on it, usually the interior seating matched the top and tire cover. Some of the prototype Surreys from early 1959 had a similar set of top bows, but the production units had different bows that mounted on the rear corners and in pockets welded to the wheel wells right behind the driver and passenger seats. The Surrey option for the DJ3As included the 60/40 front seat rather than the buckets, a rear seat and no tailgates. Full documentation on this Jeep would be necessary for me to believe it came from Toledo with the Surrey top, spare tire cover and wheel well pads, especially with a nearly 60K asking price. Corvette Mike has had a good reputation in the Corvette world over the years, but he should stick to what he knows best, IMO .

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