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1982 Jeep Jamboree Belt Buckle **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This sold for $175 on eBay. I was wrong about how high this would go!

“Jeep Jeepers Jamboree 1982 Brass Belt Buckle 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. look at the tread on the tires no wear.

For sale is a RARE, collectible item; A Jeepers Jamboree 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Belt Buckle. This is from the 1982 Jeepers Jamboree event; Georgetown to Tahoe Via The Devil’s Playground. made in england…..

This belt buckle is in great very loved condition; It is marked on the back, “Limited Edition” #1624

i bought this from an estate sale in which the husband and wife had one this is the wifes hardly or never worn detail is incredible it has been in a drawer since 1982 great shape for being 35 years old. i did not want to clean it the patina is there.”




5 Comments on “1982 Jeep Jamboree Belt Buckle **SOLD**

  1. Monte

    I have a Jeepers Jamboree Limited Edition 1977 25th Anniversary Belt Buckle, #00788, trying to see what it’s worth to sell it.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I have no idea. It’s whatever the market will bear. I am shocked that the one above sold for $175. I thought $50 at the most.

    – Dave

  3. Kemberly Ethington

    my boyfriend has a 1982 jeepers jamboree 30 anniversary and it is the 0357 one and wants to sale it what is a good price for it

  4. David Eilers Post author

    My suggestion is to post the buckle on eBay. The one above fetched $175, but that price surprised me. I would be surprised to see another one go for the much, but all it takes is two people wanting it badly enough.

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