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1953 CJ-3A APU Salem, OR **SOLD**

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1952-cj3a-apu-salem-or5 1952-cj3a-apu-salem-or6 1952-cj3a-apu-salem-or7
“This is a solid 1952 Willys Jeep. It runs well and is drivable, but will need some brake work before it’s ready for the road. It has the overhead valve engine. The hood scoop is because it was updated by the military to the overhead valve engine from a flathead, and more room was needed for the carburetor.

I’m no expert, but here is a brief description of the APU conversion. They were converted by two companies for the military, O.E. Szekely and the Valentine Welder and Manufacturing Company. The APU stands for auxiliary power unit, and they were also called jet starter jeeps. The military converted these Jeeps for use in the Navy and Air Force. They were used among other things to start jet aircraft. There were a few variations, they made both 3 and 4 wheeled versions.

The right seat and factory toolbox underneath it were removed, and a pto was run up thru the floor towards the right seat well, to power the generator. I will attach a picture showing one, and here is a link to get you started: [ed note … fine but slightly dated article at this point. I need to update that]

1952-cj3a-apu-salem-or8 1952-cj3a-apu-salem-or9

I just installed a new fuel tank and an original style fuel pump, which generates vacumn for the wipers. The tachometer and hour meter are the two gauges you see on the right side of the dash, part of the APU conversion. You can see the original military yellow paint in various places on the Jeep.

Rust is limited to the spots you see in the pictures, the one by the right step is from debris being trapped behind the inner brace. The sanding on the hood is the result of a previous owner’s bad decision to try and find the military stenciled markings.

I have the right seat frame. You can buy a repro tool box which it mounts on, or go without the box and fabricate a mount for the seat.

The mileage showing is 12,000, which was reported as original to me but there is no documentation of that.

I have clear title to the Jeep in my name, along with the previous one marked by DMV as souvenir.”


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