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1961 CJ-5 Brooklyn, NY $3500

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UPDATE: This was supposed to have been auctioned in Nov. 2017. Either it didn’t sell or it did and the buyer is ready to sell.


1961-cj5-redhook-ny3 1961-cj5-redhook-ny4


3 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 Brooklyn, NY $3500

  1. Tim

    I reached out to this guy a while ago. This add has been on CL on and off for some time. With good intentions, I kindly tried informing him that the jeep is a CJ5 and NOT a CJ3B…I don’t think he appreciated it though and never did change the posting.

  2. Mike

    Here’s that top we were talking about, note the hinged doors. Some of these tops when ordered through the dealer, as a replacement for a soft top, didn’t always come in a primer color to be painted. Some came in a finish color, blue, silver, gold, etc, or what ever Willys had on hand at the time. May or may not have matched the color of your Jeep. Some customers didn’t mind, but others squawked, and the local dealer ended up repainting the tops to customer satisfaction.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I’d like to claim that I was just that good, meaning I included this post today because of the brochure I posted above, but, alas, in this case its just a bit of good fortune 🙂

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