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1954 Photo CJ-5 Press Announcement on eBay

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What a different ten years make! Gone are the 1945 farmer-in-overalls ready-for-some-serious-work press photos, replaced by a nicely dressed ranch gal ready to drive the range. I’d say that’s a demographic shift.

“1954 Press Photo A new version of the famed Willy’s Jeep is introduced. This is an original press photo. A new version of the famed Willy’s Jeep is being introduced by Kaiser-Willys dealers. The new vehicle, designed for a multitude of transportation and towing chores on or off road, is said to be more rugged, roomier and more comfortable than previous models. It is powered by a 75 horsepower engine in combination with four wheel drive. Features include streamlined hood, contoured fenders and larger windshield. A new all-weather top is easier to install or remove. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-09-1954.”

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6 Comments on “1954 Photo CJ-5 Press Announcement on eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    And in another 10 or 15 years the jeep ads will feature bikini girls on the beach, another demographic shift.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mark, that’s a good question. That might even be a ventilating windshield?

    I’ll keep a look out for other early CJ-5 press photos to see how often a light colored windshield frame was used.

  3. Vernon Haggard


  4. David Eilers Post author

    Though Willys offered split ventilating windshields on several military models, the company also sold non-split ventilating windshields on CJ-3Bs, CJ-5s, CJ-6s, and DJ-3As ( On closer inspection of this windshield I don’t see the arms I thought I saw yesterday.

    I agree the early prototypes had some odd things, but given this was taken in December 1954, this should have been a production unit. I suspect by December the factory was already producing these in anticipation of the 1955 launch. They did the same thing a year later with the 1956 DJ-3As. They produced the early ones in 1955.

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