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1943 GPW Janesville, CA $6000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000. 

Looks like a good price.

“This 1943 GPW is in good condition and runs just as well. It drives at top speeds of roughly 55mph 3 speed transmission and the original flat 4 engine that has been modified to a 12v system. This is a fun jeep to own and drive.”

1943-gpw-janesville-ca1 1943-gpw-janesville-ca2 1943-gpw-janesville-ca3 1943-gpw-janesville-ca4


7 Comments on “1943 GPW Janesville, CA $6000

  1. Cody R. Maverick

    Question: If this is a GPW, then why is there a gas filler cap on the side of the body? I thought all MBs and GPWs have the filler cap on the top of the tank under the seat like my 42 MB.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It’s possible someone installed it. Also possible someone installed a new panel on the driver’s side. It doesn’t look like a VEC 2A body to me. Good question though.

  3. Cody R. Maverick

    Thanks for the input. BTW, the posting has already been deleted off Craigslist. Looks like the price was right for this one!

  4. Craig/Vermont

    I’ve seen several WW2 Jeeps with civilian gas tanks installed and side panel cut out
    (most likely after the original tank started to leak)…the original sump is still evident on this jeep…

  5. Bruce Golder

    Hmnn, back on Craigslist! Wonder what was done to the driver’s side rear fender to get the driver’s seat moved back.

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