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CJ-3A Body, Floor Panel, Extension Merrill, OR

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Seller has three items for sale.

“I have a tub, rear floor panel and a bed extender including a Willy’s stamped original tailgate. These parts are all for a Willy’s Cj3a jeep. The tub is in rough shape but definitely fixable. The rear floor pan is brand new never installed. The bed extension box is rare and in good shape as is the tailgate. I also have the tool box cover that goes under the passenger seat that will go to whom ever buys the tub. The tub was sandblasted and primed at local body shop. The floor panel is brand new and came ready to paint. The bed extension and tailgate were sanded a bit and rattle can primed. I am asking $750 for the tub. $250 for the floor panel and $500 for the bed box with tailgate. This will be a cash only, in person, you pick up sale.”

cj3a-parts2 cj3a-parts3


2 Comments on “CJ-3A Body, Floor Panel, Extension Merrill, OR

  1. Matt

    That bed extender looks a lot like mine with the little round bits in the upper-right corner and the ribs on the bottom.. Any thoughts on the make/ model ??

    $500 might be a tad high, but supply and demand. -See also: needle in hay stack.

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