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MB-Samurai Kingman, AZ $5500

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The perfect gift for MB & Samurai fans!





“WW2 military army Jeep that someone put on a Suzuki Samurai chassis. I picked this up in a trade and it was not running and unfinished. Everything under the sheet metal is Samurai: engine, trans, transfer case, axles, fuel tank and frame. Has WW2 jeep body, with axe and shovel holders with axe and shovel, spare tire holder, gas can holder, front seats with new cushions, new gauges (need to be hooked up). Has new top and top bows.

Wiring needs to be finished to the headlights, tail lights, brake lights and gauges. I got it to the point where it was running a while back and took a video of me driving it. Still needs an electric fan on the radiator. For the purist, it was like this when I got it, so I just tried to get it going. Don’t be a hater! Shock mounts, wheel wells, fuel sump, and tool box locks were welded up or cut out, so it wasn’t something I could get back to stock. If you can and want to, buy it and do it. I’ll even throw in a stock frame and axles for you.

That being said, if you’re looking for something modern and reliable (as reliable as a Samurai is) to drive in a parade, but still want to go off roading, or drive down the freeway and get a thumbs up, this is it. $5500
Have the paperwork the previous owner gave me of title for samurai and jeep. You could title it either way. I would do it as a 40’s jeep to avoid any emissions testing in the future.”


One comment on “MB-Samurai Kingman, AZ $5500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This is pretty cool, really. I had an ’87 Samurai back when they came out and 2 Suzuki XL-7s since then: good go-anywhere vehicles and never had major mechanical problems. Now I’ve got a GPW and an MB. So, I’d say let the haters hate… this old WWII tub is still rolling :-).

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