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1957 DJ-3A Convertible Copper Hill, VA eBay

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UPDATE: This was for sale in Feb of 2017. The VIN puts this as a late 1956, not a ’57.

Starting bid is only $460 and the buy-it-now $900. The appears to be that much value in parts. This is an early one #56337 10981.

“Willys DJ 3A 1957 in restorable condition! Two many projects this one goes. Orginal DJ with above average body condition. In storage by me for years all body metal, 327 engine needs torn down and built , automatic chevy mated trans, custom drive line,rear drive axle and wheels, front I beam axle and wheels most gauges, radiator chevy ,engine mount adapter plate, headlights , nice windshield frame no glass with vacume operated wipers Land R, many no top, booklets that came with this willys orginally excellent st. rust in normal positions for age. Sitting on blocks covered for years. No fuel tank, These were used to transport people at airports, mail and other delivery ect. it is not a Surry model. I also have a L134 basic parts engine for sale also in another listing on Ebay. It does not roll and tires are shot at least will take a flat trailer and winch to load.”

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10 Comments on “1957 DJ-3A Convertible Copper Hill, VA eBay

  1. Chris Rutherford

    This was for sale last year. Do not recall what he was asking then. I am going to check it out this week as he is about 30 minutes down the road.

  2. Mike

    Dam good deal, 327 Chevy, rip up the streets with this baby. If nothing else, I’m sure you could get at least $400.00 for the Chevy engine alone.

  3. Colin Peabody

    This is a convertible model that used the 3B Windshield. You can see the converting
    Bale attaching snaps on the windshield and attachments along the body for the top. Charles (Papa C) would be interested in this.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Chris, you are correct. I discovered this was for sale in Feb 2017 (but I think the price was much higher at that time). I’ve updated the post with the extra photos that were published.

  5. Chris Rutherford

    Ok, I am going either Tuesday or Thursday of this week and will take more pics and gather more info.

  6. Charles

    Almost positive that I’v seen this jeep before. I’m also sure that this jeep was involved in my original dj3a soft top convertible research. Betting that the only major thing wrong with the body is that the firewall has been cut when the Chevy engine was installed.

    Specific points of interest to me include the correct ALA tail lights. Note: THE DRIVERS SIDE TAIL LIGHT, THE TAG BRACKET, and the SPACER behind the tag bracket. You won’t find that in ANY dj3a manuals anywhere. My research however indicates that is 100% correct despite collaboration in the manuals. Even though some may consider this particular point of research sketchy because of other lack of positive proof which is unavailable Lawrence Wade’s original ALA tail lights are shown with the same spacer. You won’t find that in any manuals anywhere either. Noting neither dj3a tailgate models nor cj3b’s which are all tailgate models would not have used the tag bracket because it would have interfered with the operation (opening and closing) of the tailgate.

    Other interesting features are the correct fasteners both on the windshield AND the body for the convertible top and original front bumper and rear crossmember.

    The day WILL come that I regret not buying this jeep as I already have not one but 2 dj3a engines (that need rebuilt or putting back together) and another rusted out dj3a but with a good firewall to fix where this one has been cut. Holding me back is my wife has been sick and is looking at surgery (appoint Tuesday to schedule it) along with months of rehab complicated by the fact that she is very weak. Probably too much info there but my world is real and I have to proceed as such to explain why I won’t be bidding.

    I do and have always hoped that this dj3a (even though I don’t or won’t ever own it and am no longer connected to the probable previous owner at the time of my research) finds a good home.

    Charles Tate (aka PapaC)

  7. Charles

    Important: if anyone who sees this does decide to buy this dj3a and part it out or customize it please contact me either here or through Dave. I would be interested in buying the convertible rod clips that are on the body and the filler screws (if they can be removed intact) that fill the extra holes on the passenger side of the body. Would pay MORE than a fair price, especially the rod clips which could likely be removed fairly easily.

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