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1965? DJ-3A Beaverton, OR $1965

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UPDATE: Dropped back to $1965.

(01/09/2018) This former UN DJ-3A (not sure what documentation there is on that claim) has been converted to 4WD.

“I purchased this project from the widow of the 68 year old previous owner almost 3 years ago around 6 months after he passed away. He was working on it and had some of the brakes and drum parts new in the cargo area but since i have not had any time to get to it, it’s for sale.
The notion that the motor is from a Corvette of 1957 to 1961 came from the widow of the previous owner but again she was not too sure wanting to be on the safe side and I never investigate it neither so far.
52,000 miles on the body but has been mostly a tow vehicle after retiring from the United Nation, so even less than 52,000 Miles on everything minus the motor and of course this relatively new engine replacement.
Again believe it or not “relatively” good original seats with only one little tear needing to be refreshed.
Comes with lots of new and old spare parts including drums/brakes, LED headlights and more.
I changed the bent front bumper with again a tow bar like the previous and also changed the wheels and tires.
I also bought lots of little parts included to be installed by next owner.
If interested, Please call me for more details.
Not much rust at all.”

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8 Comments on “1965? DJ-3A Beaverton, OR $1965

  1. Mark S.

    Looks like maybe it has a M38 frame, with the front frame tie downs and the pintle hook and bumperettes in the rear. The round tube reinforcement between the front frame rails, not stock, but actually looks good. My “spell check” does not like the words, pintle and bumperettes!

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I was puzzled over that second tube.
    What I don’t see on the front frame rails are holes for the M-38 grille hinge to attach. But, maybe they were filled in when the tube was added?

    Spell check is a blessing when it works and a frustrating curse when it doesn’t!

  3. Colin Peabody

    DAve, this appeared first back in Dec. 4, 2014, then again on March 19, 2015. Serial number is 8203 24461, making it a late Nov. 1964 build date. As I recall the lady was selling it after her husband died. I want to say I talked with him before he died and he was from up in your area of Washington. After he died, I think I contacted her and she didn’t know much about the history except it had a 283 Chevy engine and had been converted to 4WD. By that time, the Jeep was in California. I think the 8203 model number is because it was a DJ3A hardtop with side windows. The other Dj3As from 1964 had 8202 model numbers. I have one other in my data that has the 8203 model number and it also had side windows.

  4. Terry Chicago

    Does original no-script jeeps are more valuable since it only happened a few years, over their ‘Willys/Jeep’ scripted counterpart model? In assuming for example that ‘Willys’ script CJ5 would be more valuable than a ‘Jeep’ scripted CJ5 or this does not matter much to Jeep enthusiasts?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Good question. I have not noticed any additional value applied jeeps that lack “Willys” stamps. However, 3Bs that lack stamps are sought after, but I believe that additional value is due to rarity (few were produced) rather than a lack of “Willys” stamping.

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