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Year? Wagon Country of Turkey £7500

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This wagon was shared by Rob, who is currently in Turkey. The price on this wagon is £7500, which he notes is quite a bit than it is worth. Two interesting features include the added handbrake/parking brake on the floor and the LPG tank in the back storage area.

Rob writes, “The tank in the back is actually an LPG gas tank, they are pretty much the normal here in Turkey as gas, petrol, diesel is expensive. These tanks are fitted by specialists, so they are safe. I have one on my jeep. This car or shooting brake as we used to call them in the UK is 2 km from our house on Turkey. It is parked up open not locked on a grass hard standing with about 6 other cars ,, just left there. The jeep fires up, I’ve been told. I tried to open bonnet without luck. The Willys motto is on the front at the top above the radiator.”

wagon-turkey5 wagon-turkey6 wagon-turkey7 wagon-turkey8 wagon-turkey9


3 Comments on “Year? Wagon Country of Turkey £7500

  1. Bob

    Hmmm…kinda different. It has the barn doors, but is not a parkway. Maybe more of a traveller? Also the parking brake and shifters are unusual. Nice looking wagon

  2. Bill Norris


    The rear seats are going the wrong direction for a Traveller and the rear wheelwells don’t like they are squared off either.


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