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Jeep Commercial: 66 Years of fun

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UPDATE: I ran this post back in 2010. I think it’s time for a repost. 

If this commercial played on TV, I must have missed it.

On a tangential note (and a completely skippable one), one of the shots in the movie appears to show Jane Goodall with some chimpanzees.  My tech company did a co-project with her and ESRI (the Microsoft of mapping software) for an ESRI event in San Diego.  Long story short, we had a party after the event and rented a sushi restaurant.  It turns out ..  well … let’s just say she’s not a fan of eating fish (she’s a serious vegetarian I believe).  OOOPPPSS!  I’m not all that sure she really likes people either, but perhaps it was an off day for her (though I ended up sneaking her out of the back of the restaurant; but that’s another story).  So, the tip of the day is, if you invite Jane to dinner, don’t serve Sushi!

Anyway, enjoy the video:


One comment on “Jeep Commercial: 66 Years of fun

  1. Mike

    I seem to remember this commercial, it played in the NYC NJ metro area. At that time, a special commemorative full color magazine, advertisement was being handed out to current and past Jeep owners. The cover had pictures of Willys Jeep Vehicles from beginning to the present much like the Jeep identification posters. (I have a copy)

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