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1943 GPW Berlin, MD $4050

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UPDATE: Still Availalble.

(03/09/2018) It’s got a CJ engine.

“Rare 1943 jeep willys gpw. Had apraised for $6500 but want to sell. Runs and drives around yard but is a project. Converted to 12 volt and new rebuilt pasco starter. Also has soft top hardwear and full soft doors. Have title. Be perfect for restoration. Have seen restored GPWs sell for a lot.”

1943-gpw-berlin-md4 1943-gpw-berlin-md3 1943-gpw-berlin-md2 1943-gpw-berlin-md


4 Comments on “1943 GPW Berlin, MD $4050

  1. Sean

    It’s crazy to me that because “restored GPWs sell for a lot” people think they can get a fortune for a totally bubbafied, hardly original WWII jeep. What’s even crazier is that people actually pay that amount. Based on what this one is missing, I’d value it well below $2k. When will the unrestored jeep market cap and prices start decreasing?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’d say we’ve reached a place similar to 2007-2008 in terms of prices. I believe it will take another recession for prices to drop again.

    – Dave

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