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1953 Wagon Vancouver, WA $2000

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Sometimes, projects just don’t work out.

“1953 jeep willys wagon on a 1974 Datsun 620 truck frame with l18 motor and 4 speed trans. Runs and drives after finished. I drove it as assembled as the datsun. Wire harness needs hooked up and other finish work to be be done still to be a driver. License as the datsun to be legal. Title in hand. I have a ton of parts to finish comes with it.
Must sell due to move.
Must be towed.”



4 Comments on “1953 Wagon Vancouver, WA $2000

  1. Lew

    Dave, we need a category with a heading of “Why?” We can nominate some of the projects that show up here. No offense intended as many probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Nonetheless, that category would get a number of nominations every year. Id nominate this one. It might result in something like a Darwin award at the end of each year.

  2. Mike Menning

    I second the nomination…….. It’s got all the key phrases in the description !!!

    Runs and drives after finished.
    Just needs wire harness hooked up.
    Other finish work to be done.
    A ton of parts comes with it.
    Must sell due to move.
    Will need to be towed

  3. Bob

    “Runs and Drives after Finished” is a new one! That could be said for so many things. I like the idea of a “Why” category.

    Generally when you put a new frame under a vehicle it’s because you will get an improved platform to work with, I don’t see this as the case here.

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