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65 DJ-5 South Bend, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4900.

(12/15/2017) This is a very hard-to-find DJ-5 model (this differs from the postal model). Even harder to find is the DJ-6. This looks in real good shape. It has the correct starting VIN of 8505 1227 and it has the four lug hubs. This also has a ventilating windshield, also an option on the original DJ-3A starting in 1956.

“1965 Jeep DJ5. Very similar to CJ5. Rebuilt Engine with only 430 miles. 3 speed manual transmission. Rare 2WD. Almost totally restored. Rebuilt Carb. Rare split windshield with new weather stripping. New shoulder retractable seatbelts. Paint is newer, but has its problems. NO Rust, Frame is very solid ( sealed with por15). Wipers are vacuum operated, but missing hoses. All lights work. New LED brake lights. New rear main seal. No Leaks! except for a once in a while drip from master cylinder. Think that’s just coming from cap. New brake lines, hoses, shoes, W cylinders and master cylinder. Tires are military. Old, but no cracks and hold air. They look new. Comes with- newer tow bar, original soft top and doors (rough), original engine head and manual.”





10 Comments on “65 DJ-5 South Bend, IN **SOLD**

  1. JW

    I can’t recall seeing a tire like that spare before. I’ll bet lateral traction is great. No slipping sideways with that one.

  2. Matt

    I was just going to say the same thing.. Retread perhaps?
    See, you wind up seeing and/or learning something new here at eWillys.

  3. Gayland

    That split windshield is also a ventilating windshield. You can see the brackets on the interior photo.

  4. Glennstin

    And we thought the 4 stud wheels ended with the DJ3A’s. With S/N 1227 this is the 227th DJ5 built and evidently Kaiser / Willys still had some DJ3A / Aero Willys wheel assemblies on the shelf. They didn’t waste a thing. Wonder if that fact is covered in the DJ5 Parts Book.

  5. Jill

    I had a couple questions on the Jeep you had listed

    * what is the mileage
    * what town do you live in
    * does it run
    * is $6600 your bottom dollar

  6. Terry Chicago

    Yep. They don’t come up too often. Usually a postal/RHD and this one looks good too and for $6600 is not bad. He’s been selling this at $6600 for a while.

  7. Mark Randfall

    JEEP used the Clark Reverse Elliott I beam axle and four lug wheels on the DJ3A and DJ5/DJ6 through 1967. 1968 brought out the non driving Dana tube axle and 5 lug wheels. This tube axle appears to be similar to the front axle used by AMGeneral on the Dispatcher 100 (DJ5x).
    I’ve seen this one up for sale before using the same photos.
    When you work on a DJ5 like this you really have to read the manual close to find information on the slight differences between a DJ5 and CJ5.

  8. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for note!

    The same could be said about the differences between the DJ-3A and the CJ-3A. There are minor differences, some explained in the manual and some explained through trial and error (such as the DJ-3A has a unique bell crank that I’ve not seen on any other jeep and is not mentioned in the manual). Oh, aren’t these rare jeeps fun? 🙂

    – Dave

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