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Year? Press Photo of DJ-3A **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I’ve seen full-color postcards of this image (see bottom image), but not a black & white press photo. Seller lists this as a 1954, but I doubt it was any earlier than late 1955.

“Original factory photograph , 8 x 10 , original factory stamp on reverse , ” Kaiser Willys Motors , Toledo , Ohio” ”





6 Comments on “Year? Press Photo of DJ-3A **SOLD**

  1. Colin Peabody

    The top of the tailgate has a small window in it, and locks up inside the top. (It rattles when you are driving!!), the lower tailgate drops down as well and the license plate light and frame folds out to be legible when the tailgate is down. Both doors slide back and lock in position. After 1957, the rear upper tailgate window was much larger. The hardtop model did not come with an external spare tire mount, and a spare tire was not offered originally in that body style. DJ3As were introduced in September 1955 and continued in production until the end of 1964, with the possibility of a few being built in very early 1965. DJ5 production came on line next, with the body style of the CJ5, but with the F-134 Hurricane engine and still with 2WD and three speed column shift.

  2. SteveK

    It is shown as “sold” now for $18.74. Another interesting fact about the earliest DJ Hardtops, the doors slid past the standard “step over” body style. Later, they cut out to the floor the opening for easier entrance/exits. If the door was open, I’m guessing we could see the “standard body panel there.

    Harmen’s attention to detail indicates they are “different pics”, not just a “coloration” of the other. I don’t see the “funny” tho. What do you see Harmen?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I agree with Harmen that the woman’s head is different between the two photos. The color photo shows her looking down, while the b&w photo looks like her head was trimmed. And, in the color photo she appears to be holding something that’s reflecting light (accidentally) while the B&W makes it look like that was removed or her hand was removed.

    My opinion is the that the black and white photo could have been taken at the same time, but it was trimmed slightly different.

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