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1942 GPW Salado, TX $2600

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UPDATE: Still Available.


“For Sale: 1942 Ford GPW Open Jeep. This is a bonified WWII Veteran. DOM in ’42, right on the data plate. Data plates are all legible, serial numbers intact. I do not have a title for the jeep. Gun turret mount is on the frame, and part of the tub as designed. This is an original Ford GPW.

The Bad: This jeep was, unfortunately, modified for a 283 V-8 motor. The front cross member has been cut, the front grill internal shroud has been cut and the frame has been drilled in several locations for new motor mount locations. The GPW tub, (embossed tool bin lids & data plates) has been cut at the fire wall for the V-8. You’ve got sheet metal work there at those locations. The drive line is gone down to the driveshafts. I removed the V-8, T-90 and T3 transfer case that was in it. The windshield frame is long gone as are the front seats, rear seat, gas tank and original gauges.

The steering column has been modified with a late-model steering wheel welded in place on to the control shaft; (you will have to cut this off to get the shaft out of the column tube–hence you will need a new control shaft.). The shock tower mounts have been reinforced for the V-8; they look good, but they are not original.

The Good: It is a 1942 Ford Government Project Willys. You can register it tax free as a military vehicle and with the data plates and serial numbers you can belong to and receive the benefits of being in a military vehicle club. The floors are original. They will need re-work / restoration, but they haven’t been all cut up and wrecked. The rear valance of the tub has NOT been cut for a tail gate, and is in excellent shape. The axle housings and internals are probably original. This is a rolling chassis, and the jeep is fully assembled as is, with, for the most part, Ford “F-script” original parts”



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