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1945 GPW Colton, CA $4000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/02/2017) Has lots of updates.

New pics:

1945-gpw-colton-ca1 1945-gpw-colton-ca2 1945-gpw-colton-ca3 1945-gpw-colton-ca4

“1945 WWII Military GPW jeep by ford.
rebuilt 1970 corvette 350 SBC with about 350 HP
HEI ignition
mild cam
headers with jaguar racing ss mufflers
th400 trans
6 point roll cage
DEIST 4 point harnesses
b&m ratchet shifter
aluminum fuel tank
200w lighting system
rancho shocks on all four corners
twin stick transfer case

professionally rebuilt engine, transmission and transfercase in 2010 have less then 40 hrs on them. freshened up with new gaskets, plugs oil and filter.

This jeep sounds ridiculous and turns heads everywhere! this jeep need s a few finishing touches to make it your own. will make a great street rod or sand toy.”

Older Pics from 2017:

1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca22 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca3 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca4


16 Comments on “1945 GPW Colton, CA $4000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This is really cool. Could be a good deal. No mention (that I could find) of steering or brake upgrades… might want a way to handle all that power. Whole lotta go… not so much whoa?

  2. Idaho Todd

    I hear you, Joe. I think your spot on about a good deal, lots of work done. If you look close at pic 1 and zoom in, you can see they have converted to swing pedals. I don’t see a power booster but at least they took one step versus stock. Also, I think he has bigger brakes. Just looking at the newer style warn hub, I bet they swapped the axles, too. As far as steering, new column but looks somewhat stock underneath. Hold on tight!

  3. Bill Maning

    A lot of work has been done, but a lot of work still needs to be done. Like power steering, power brakes, windshield, hood, turn signals, back up lights. The gas tank and battery are in a bad place. Missing some things on the dash. I doubt its street legal. With all that it still needs. At least another $3000.00 in work. At $5000.00. It’s not that good of a deal. You’ll have $8000.00 into it. When you re sell it you might be lucky to break even. It’s got a good start, but your not going to make money on this.

  4. Tom B

    I have to agree with Bill on this one. And I don’t see over $12000 invested in this. Where did 12K go? The engine at most was $3000. And probably $2000 or less for the transmission. And another $2000 for the axles and transfer case. There certainly isn’t $5000 into the body and interior. That isn’t a high end paint job. And those aren’t high end seats. And not much into the suspension and steering. I think the $12,000.00 is way over stated. There’s more like $7000.00 into this Jeep.

  5. Jeepman

    I wonder what gives with this Jeep. The price is down to $3900.00 now. All this invested into it and the price dropped down from $8500.00. That’s more than half dropped. The guy must be hurting for money badly or there’s something fishy with this Jeep. If the price like this get’s too low then it’s too good to be true.

  6. Joe in Mesa

    I’d bet he needs to sell (hurting for money) more than some hidden/underlying fault (fishy-ness) with this jeep. The simple fact he has no hood on it will make most potential buyers think it’s unfinished and just a “project”. So they don’t check out whether this one has more value than cost.
    Personally, I’m starting to believe EVERY jeep is a project. Doesn’t jeep stand for Just Enjoy Endless Projects?.

  7. Roy1959CJ3b

    Joe your right. Been there and had to give away a projects(had a fire sale) called a divorce . Unless you have a ton time to shop. It gets expensive. Spent $ 5000 on a upgrade trans. for my Cummins Dodge. Brakes, drivelines, heater core, A/C, etc another $5000.( Old stock jeeps) are cheap if you got time, and the shop. And you always will be tinkering with them. BUT THAT WHAT MAKES IT FUN! 🙂 It all the smalls that kill you on building a project. How much for the adapters, shifters, radiators, drive lines, etc and etc.

  8. Jeepman

    Yes, Jeeps, especially these old pre 1950 ones. Are huge money pits. I think a missing hood is the least of the problems with this one. It’s also missing the windshield, original gas tank, dash parts, body bars etc. Just those parts if you can find then will cost a good $1000.00 or more. And that cut out for the distributor is not appealing at all. That and some other mistakes on this Jeep make it seem like it was put together haphazardly fast. It’s kind of no wonder the priced has dropped down to $3900.00. I wont be surprised if it drops down more in another week or so.

  9. Boomer

    The craigslist link no longer works. So I guess it sold. Probably ended up selling it for $3500 or $3000.

  10. Joe in Mesa

    How’d you get your name to show with that cool avitar/pic of a minion? I want something like that <–jealous!

  11. Dave

    He used it as trade in on another vehicle and now the new owner has it for sale for $4700 but will take less.

  12. Dave

    New owner took it on trade and now wants to get rid of it. Offered it to me for $3500. stock hood wont fit over air cleaner, and all the mounting points for windshield are filled in. temporary type gas tank in rear. Lots of other things needed. Major work.

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