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1948 CJ-2L? Odessa, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

Another extended 2A out of the Northwest. Seller seems convinced it was lengthened by a spray company, but it manner of extension looks similar to other “CJ-2Ls” we’ve seen (and rumored to have been built by a Spokane Jeep dealer many years ago).

“1948 Willys CJ2A Jeep Rough shape, could be restored, lot of work. Engine runs need to clean carb. Rust in fuel line plugs carb float. Burns oil, unit sat for lot of years before I got it. Was going to fix up but am moving. Frame and body were extended by a spray applicator company to carry a sprayer, 24″ longer. has the PTO on the transmission, but missing the gear box on back, body has rust issues. Have title but it was never changed from a previous owner.It has the front fenders hood and grill, they are off and in the back. Fenders grill and hood are actually in the best shape, The bars for the cab in the one picture, are gone, but the windshield is there”




A couple of photos prior to disassembly:




2 Comments on “1948 CJ-2L? Odessa, WA **SOLD**

  1. Les Berg

    I’m interested in any info you may have about the dealer in Spokane who may have created the CJ-2Ls. I live about 45 minutes from Spokane and might be able to do some more work looking into this.

    I still own the one one several posts down that had the broken frame. It’s my daily driver now.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I wish I had more information on the dealer. We get up to Spokane at least once a year to visit relatives, but I never have enough time to hit a library to see if I can figure out some dealer names. If I come up with more info, I’ll let you know.

    – Dave

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