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Jeep “Junkyard” near Franklin, PA

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TJ shared this post from of a collection of jeeps near Franklin, Pennsylvania. I figured someone might recognize the location?

Here are a couple pics:

roadside-jeep-junkyard2 roadside-jeep-junkyard


16 Comments on “Jeep “Junkyard” near Franklin, PA

  1. Jason Sari

    I stopped by this place to try to buy jeep parts about three years ago. I would not recommend doing that, my visit was not received well.

  2. Bill

    He is a buyer, but not a seller. I’ve spoken to him before when I was selling some odd pieces off of my Go-for-Digger Trencher. He has a lot of cool stuff.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Sorry to hear you had a rough time there. I figured you’d guys in PA would be aware of him.

    – Dave

  4. Brandon James Corwin

    Hes definitely a strange guy, lots of cool stuff, nothing EVER for sale. Ive heard the township absolutely detests his large collection.

  5. Bill

    I have him saved in my phone as “Randy 200+ Jeeps” and it’s been a few years since I’ve spoken with him. He’s probably got a few more by now. He’s probably reading these comments and getting a good laugh at them!

  6. brandon corwin


    I love driving by his house when Im up there, always want to pull over and at least look but dont feel like getting shot at or yelled at. There is some AWESOME stuff there…

  7. Richard K.

    I worked in the law office that represented this property owner for years. Over the past 20+ years, the Township has filed many, many legal actions against him and he has won all but one case. In one case, the Township appealed to the PA Commonwealth Court and was handed a scathing opinion against the Township for its actions against this guy and his property. On the case he lost, he was locally fined $6,000 which he paid. He was ordered to apply for a Township junkyard license (he has a State-issued license) which he did. The Township failed to act upon his application within 60 days as required by the Pennsylvania Municipal Code, therefore, the license(s) are deemed approved. Yet, they still won’t issue a local junkyard license. The Jeeps years ago were situated at their present location pending resolution. Now, some 20 years later, there is still no resolution so there they still sit. Many of the neighbors acquired their homes there just within the past 6-10 years when the Jeeps and other vehicles were already in place. If they didn’t like the appearance of the vehicles, why did they acquire property right next door? This area is not a gated community so the majority of residents have at least one inoperable vehicle in the back yard or field. No government or agency should further encroach on one’s property rights. In the end, the old “King’s Law” applies – “If you can afford to own property, you better be able to afford to defend it.” So far, this guy has defended his property rights very successfully, but at a substantial personal cost. So go ahead and promote taking away HIS rights – but be prepared to have YOUR own trampled as well. If you are interested in hearing the background and facts of the property owner’s side, just call the guy directly – his name is Randy Spencer and his cell phone number is (814) 670-9525. I called him today as I was writing this and he gave me permission to post his name and number.

  8. Bill

    If anyone can get him to sell anything, tell him Bill in Lancaster (PA) still want the CJ-5’s with the DRWs!


  9. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for sharing that background information. I wish Randy luck on his continuing battles.

    – Dave

  10. Brandon


    Relax man…I love his collection. I think we all do…

    I’m sure he’s a great guy, hopefully he knows how well appreciated his collection is to look at.

    All the best

  11. Terry Chicago

    Thats funny Bob. What’s keeping me from being Randy is $$$ lol 😞 That DRW is a hot item, finally forked $800 to have dually adapters from Canada, damned that ridiculous high price but worth it.

  12. Collin Brechbiel

    Any body know Randy’s address? I’d love to drive by and check it out.

  13. Richard K.

    Randy Spencer
    166 Garden Lane
    Franklin, PA 16323

    Call him ahead of time at 814-670-9525 to let him know when you are stopping by. He won’t shoot anyone but he has had a certain amount of vandalism (not to his Jeeps) to some of his other vehicles so he does get a little anxious when he sees someone walking around his stuff. He is a hoarder but I think he will begin to (sparingly) sell some Jeeps or parts. After all, he can’t take all that stuff with him. By the way, I think he is somewhere closer to 300 Jeeps.

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