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1943 GPW +Parts Chino Valley, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Lots of parts.

1943-gpw-chinovalley-ca7 1943-gpw-chinovalley-ca8 1943-gpw-chinovalley-ca9

“Acquired this in a wheeling and a dealing and don’t have the time for it. Almost 2 WWII Jeeps…..almost. I got boxes of parts I haven’t even looked in yet. The frame and the green body is a 1943 GPW according to the title. The frame has the”F” on the shock mounts as seen in the pictures. An older gentleman started a restoration and thats why the frame is painted and has new brake lines. He also put a whole front floor section in the GPW tub but as you can see, it has a way to go. What else he did I do not know. There are a bunch of extra parts in the buckets and pallet, 3 extra heads, a transfer case that don’t belong, 2 sets of rods, two oil filter assemblies and 2 BO lights and more stuff.

The GPW tub came with a hood which is in good shape, windshield frame, grill, and 2 crappy fenders. Numbers match the Frame, title and data plate. I acquired the the red body after the frame with the illusion that I would put it together but I finally woke up. The red body is a MB according to “Identifying your WWII Jeep”. Very little rust. Has a heater. It comes with a hood, grill, no fenders two windshield frames, one is brand new. There are 3 fuel tanks, one I know has a hole. The motor in the shop has GPW marked on the head with the”F”. Allegedly it ran when disassembled for a restoration that never happened. Two radiators, one marked GPW, has the 24V generator and Kleenex box size voltage regulator I was told was a thousand bucks used. Have the trans and transfer that I forgot to take a picture of. I have boxes of parts I haven’t looked at so I don’t know whats here and what isn’t. Just wanna get my money back. Might consider something I can’t live without as a trade. I do not need help selling, don’t wanna “trade with cash” not giving you my email, not taking your Bank of Zimbabwe” cashers check. Thanks for looking.”



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