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Knardly Rolls Sees the Light of Day

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Paul ceremonially rolled Knardly Rolls out of the garage on Monday.


Knardly Rolls seen peeking out of the garage, wondering if it’s safe.

He writes, “Today (May 7th) I opened the garage door and then removed two of the four insulated panels positioned against the outer surface of the garage door so there would be enough room to move the little Willys from the dark garage and into the May sunshine. I quickly learned I need sun glasses. Most of the body has a brushed pattern on the stainless steel but even brushed stainless is rather reflective when the sun is shining. I’m real glad I didn’t polish the body, that would have been blinding on a sunny day.

The little Willys has been moved into the connex where I’ll fuel it up, check for leaks and see if the engine will start. Once the engine runs well I’ll support the Willys with jack stands and begin testing the operation of the transmission and axles.


However, before I begin any ground running I’m going to repaint the interior of the garage. The last time I painted the garage was 30 years ago so new paint is long overdue.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the little Willys escaping from the garage. It was a whole different perspective for me since the small garage only allowed me close up views but once it was outdoors I was able to back away and get a view of the entire Jeep. Quite different from what I’m used to.

I’m still having a hard time believing the little Willys is finally done but seeing it outdoors makes it seem more real.”



6 Comments on “Knardly Rolls Sees the Light of Day

  1. SteveK

    Another display of superior skills and dedication. Beautiful, and Congratulations on a job well done that should last forever.

  2. Mike W

    Such an interesting story, you need to contact JP magazine and have them do a feature on the whole process would be a fantastic article. Congratulations on the accomplishment. I have a hard time sticking with a 3 year build….

  3. Steve

    Congratulations Paul! You certainly have patience, skill.

    Hope you’re able to fully enjoy it; although, I’d be hesitatant to drive it after spending so long building it!

  4. Alaska Paul

    I’d like to thank all the ewillys folks who had questions, comments and now congratulations on my long term Willys rebuild. I really hadn’t planned on spending over three decades building this Jeep but thru the years my vision of the finished Willys grew so I had to expand my work just to keep up. Later this summer I expect be cruising the neighborhood and possibly attending a local car show in August so photos and updates will follow. Thanks again, Alaska Paul

  5. Larry Towell

    WHAT A BEAUTY! Wow! That is a lot of hours invested, and it shows. What an amazing Willys! Thanks for sharing! I bet Knarly enjoyed being out in the sun!

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