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1964 CJ-5 Trencher Buffalo, NY No Price



Seller believes it to be a Tux Park.

“For sale I have I believe a 1964 willys cj5 tuxedo park with 15000 original mileage. This was purchased from the original owner. I had this running a couple years ago it ran great the dauntless v6 ran great and it drove good. The trencher worked just as it should. It is equipped with a half cab that is in great shape. There is some small spots of surface rust here or there but it Is rock solid no rot. The trencher has been on since day one I have the tailgate that was removed to install it. Along with the jeep I have a ton of spare trencher parts there is almost enough to build a second trencher minus the boom. I have no clue what this is worth I don’t want to give it away if interested message me and we can talk.”


1964-cj5-tuxpark-trencher-buffalo3 1964-cj5-tuxpark-trencher-buffalo2


9 Comments on “1964 CJ-5 Trencher Buffalo, NY No Price

  1. Dave from Mn

    I doubt that a person would put a trencher on a tux park. If it’s a factory v6 it’s not likely to be a 1964. But it looks like it has duals.

  2. Rustowner

    It’s not a 64 as its missing the snorkel cut out in the hood (which can be changed easily) but it also doesn’t have the M38a1 inop battery box cover lid on the cowl, which disappears in 66. V6 could be factory if it is a 66. Doesn’t look like a Tux as you guys said. Duals appear to be the bolt on kind of adapters, not a Dana 70 true Budd dual rear end. You can see the original Willys AG counterweight under the additional weights on the front of the frame.

  3. Jeremy

    I bought it.
    It is 66 and obviously not a tuxedo park. The dually rearend is adapter bolt on.

  4. Dave from Mn

    Jeremy are you going to leave it as is, as a trencher? Guess I’m curious as to what you had to pay. But you don’t have to say it you don’t want to. I just like to know what the market is. I have a 64 trencher with 4 cylinder motor and not rusty but beat body and frame. Good title and not running when I bought it. Paid 2500 just because I had never come across one before.

  5. Tim


    Any interest in selling the dually adapter kit? If so, Dave, (eWillys Dave) has my email and cell phone. I’m located in RI and I would pay shipping if we came to an agreement on a sale.



  6. Jeremy

    No i really don’t want to sell the dually adapters because it is pretty sweet! It also has rear coils springs coupled with leaf spring!

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update. Congrats on the purchase. The coil springs were a common addition to the trencher based on what I’ve seen. Good luck with it!

    – Dave

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