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Day 17 – Tuesday May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware

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This is a real let down after driving jeeps yesterday! But, it is my first Amish buggy!

Day 17: We had another short drive today, going from Columbus to Macedonia, Ohio.


On Tuesday we drove from Columbus to Macedonia, Ohio.

I spent the morning working on my presentation, so we only did a few things today. Our principle goal was to head to Ann’s Aunt near Cleveland for a visit. But, on the way, we decided to visit two cool spots.

The first was Grandpa’s Cheesebarn and Sweeties Chocolates near Ashland, Ohio. Ann loves this place, so in 2013 we stopped here, but it was closed. This time it was open. She tells me that “Grandpa” still works the store, or was there the last time she and her mother visited in 2015.

Though we saw no sign of Grandpa, we did get to sample all kinds of cheeses and other items. Sure, most of the items you can get elsewhere at slightly lower prices, but by the time we sampled everything, we didn’t have to eat lunch. So, it was cost effective for us. We only bought 4 cheeses and some fermented eggs in beets.

2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets5 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets6 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets7 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets8

2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets9 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets10

Our next stop, Lehmans Hardware in Kidron, Ohio, was suggested by Roger Martin. It was a great suggestion! The hardware store has an Amish theme and promotes non-electrical hardware and other items.

On the way to Lehmans Hardware, we ran across this CJ-2A for sale just east of New Pittsburg on Ohio State Highway E250. I was able to blow up the photo and spotted a phone number. It looked to me to be 330-261-0350, though the “6” might have been a zero.

2018-05-15-cj2a-1 2018-05-15-cj2a-2

Eventually, we arrived at the Lehmans. It didn’t look too large from the outside, but once we walked inside, one room led to another, then another, then another. It was fun! The kitchen section was fantastic.


When visitors first walk into the building, they can stop and watch a video about Lehmans.


Like Jungle Jims, there’s some spectacle inside the store. So much for Amish modesty!



This case provided various cheese and yogurt cultures.


Need a straight blade knife? They don’t give those away!2018-05-15-lehmans-hardware-6

If you are needing a drink,  you might try these unusual items.2018-05-15-lehmans-hardware-5

Like Jungle Jim’s, these photos barely touch on the variety and scope of the store. We found quite a few items we could have purchased, but decided all we wanted to get was a butter maker, as we have access to lots of raw milk.

The last stop of our day was to see Ann’s great aunt Mary near Cleveland. It was a short visit, as she’s struggling with her health.

On Wednesday, we will drive 10 minutes to the Midwest Willys Reunion to begin setting up, testing the presentation, and doing some laundry.

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4 Comments on “Day 17 – Tuesday May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware

  1. Tim

    Ahh, Grandpa’s Cheese Barn…classic. They do have some terrific cheeses. I pass it quite often. Enjoy your time in Macedonia- I live and work in that neighborhood. If you had time, the drive through the valley from Akron towards Macedonia is recommended. Safe travels to you and Ann.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Tim! Seems like a nice area. We may be able to do some of that drive. We’ll have to see. We did a little of it 2013 when the MWR was in Hudson.

    – Dave

  3. Travis

    If you get the time, I always recommend the R&R HofFame, you’re close by. It’s worth the parking and admission.

  4. John North Willys

    some of us have to work for a living ? I wish I could drive all over the country looking at jeeps ? you play I work , it doesn’t seem fair ?

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